Retrofit Baltimore is a project of the non-profit Civic Works. We serve as a resource for the community and provide information about the potential for energy retrofits to dramatically lower your energy bills, while making your home healthier, safer and more comfortable. We also bring residents together, so that as a community we can ensure that our home energy improvements create jobs for underserved Baltimore residents, while minimizing our environmental impact.

Baltimore Green Week Workshop

Saturday, April 19, 2014 at 11:00 AM · 8 rsvps

Come celebrate Baltimore Green Week with Retrofit Baltimore and Blue Water Baltimore! Join us in the heart of downtown Lauraville for an interactive workshop that will help you answer the question “How Green is Your Home?” You will leave this workshop empowered with the knowledge and resources to green your home inside and out!

Want to learn more about upgrading the energy efficiency of your home but don't know where to start? Retrofit Baltimore, a program of the local nonprofit Civic Works, educates homeowners about the benefits of a home energy retrofit and even connects you with quality contractors to make the retrofit process as seamless as possible. This workshop will clear up the common misconceptions regarding home energy loss, cover the benefits and financial incentives of having an energy retrofit performed on your home, and how Retrofit Baltimore can provide support and guidance for you through every step of the retrofit process. 

Want to learn what you can do to remediate your storm water runoff? Blue Water Baltimore will teach you how installing a rain garden and harvesting rainwater with a rain barrel can help protect our watersheds. Learn how a rain garden works and how to maintain one in your yard. Blue Water Baltimore will also teach you how to begin collecting rainwater by installing a rain barrel. Rain barrels hold around 60 gallons of water and are made of food grade plastic. Rain Barrels can be easily installed, and building one is fairly simple.

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