Go Green! Retrofit Baltimore's Neighborhood Challenge


What is the Go Green Neighborhood Challenge?

Retrofit Baltimore’s Go Green Neighborhood Challenge is an opportunity for neighborhoods in the Baltimore area to commit to reducing their carbon footprint and lowering homeowners’ energy bills.

Why should you participate?

The Go Green Neighborhood Challenge offers a unique opportunity for members of your community to come together and commit to a greener and more energy efficient neighborhood. The winning neighborhood will earn a special distinction as one of the greenest in the greater Baltimore community.

Why should we do this now?

The state of Maryland currently offers substantial financial incentives for homeowners interested in having energy efficiency improvements made to their homes. It has never been a better time to make this important investment.

How does my neighborhood win the challenge?

The distinguished winner of the Go Green Neighborhood Challenge will be the neighborhood with the greatest number of residents participating by making their homes more energy efficient. Actions include signing up for an energy assessment, implementing recommended energy improvements, and hosting a house party to let your neighbors know about the Challenge.
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